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Solothurn - some hours in Switzerland's (probably) most beautiful Baroque city

When I travel for work, I always try to combine work and leisure. Anyway: I could never stay in a city without exploring it. This week, I had a new opportunity as I had to stay in the Swiss town of Solothurn for some nights. I had passed it by train several times before but had never set foot. Too bad! I was surprised how beautiful and interesting this town is! Here is a little insight. 

Solothurn is a town with approximately 16'000 inhabitants and is also called Switzerland's most beautiful Baroque city. I'm still not sure how to describe it - it reminded me of so many different places all over Europe: a little bit of Venice, a touch of Paris, a hint of Italy and a lot of Switzerland. I guess that's how Solothurn's recipe could be written. 

My sightseeing tour after work started at the river. The first thing I saw: A book-exchange-shelf. Solothurn already got me! 

At the other side of the river: The St.Ursen-cathedral, built between 1762 and 1773. Compared to other Swiss cathedral, this one seems huge - and pompous! I was impressed! 

I found more beautiful buildings...

 ... colorful shops...

... secret gardens... 

... houses with particular shapes, for example the Old Arsenal, which contains Europe's largest collection of arms (the guns, not the extremity, off course! :-) )...

... the beautiful old town with its cobbled streets and towers... 

... the "Zeitglockenturm", the oldest building in town. At the front of this tower, you can observe the Grim Reaper turning his hourglass every hour - since 1545! 

I later enjoyed the evening next to the Aare river. How can someone not love a city next to a river? :-) 

Ooh, and off course I had to satisfy my sweet toth! I did this by eating the one and only Solothurn cake. Yummy! 

It wouldn't be my blog without some food and restaurant photos and recommendations, right? Here they are! :-) 

1 ) Hafebar (Prisongasse 4) , a cute little bar next to the Aare river. Everyone sits outside and enjoys the great view over Solothurn, it's a very relaxing atmosphere. Sometimes they even have live concerts. THE place to be when in Solothurn and the perfect place for a warm summer night with good friends! 

2) Restaurant No 19 (Theatergasse 19), a very cool, stylish restaurant in the old town. You can choose between different "Häppli", little pans with all kind of food. They also offer filled picnic baskets for romantic excursions. Isn't that a cool idea? 

3) Pittaria (Theatergasse 12), a very small restaurant with delicious palestinian food. Not very cozy to stay for a long time, but you will love the food and the chatty people there! 

 Solothurn made my working week much more fun! Let's see where the next project leads me to. A lot more cities to discover, let's just hope they are as beautiful as Solothurn is! :-) 

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